Summer 2008

Pics and Clips from the NAAFA/ASDAH Convention
My Mother's Late Birthday Party in West Los Angeles
And the BBW Vegas Bash

NAAFA / ASDAH Convention

July 11

July 12

Mom's Late Birthday Party on July 13, on the way to the Bash

The Big Beautiful Women's Network Bash
at Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas

7/15: Kickoff Dance and Butterfly Lounge Dance

7/17: Stor & Vacker Dance and Fashion Show

7/17: Animal Figurines at the Tuscany Hotel Gift Shop

7/17: A Couple of Clips from one of the the PPP events

7/18: Kat's Early Shift in the Hot Tub

7/18: Vendor Fair, and Video of the Pool from the Balcony

7/18: Viva Las Vegas! The Costume Party

7/19: The Formal Ball

7/20: Club SAS Dance

7/20: Farewell Signings

7/20: Dinner at the Tuscany Garden